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How to Play

QuickSurvivalGames (QSG) is, as the name suggests, the short version of SG. The concept of the game is the same. QSG differs from normal SG by having no protection time at the beginning of the round and no common spawn, which means that players start the round at different locations.

Also, the equipment in the chests is limited.That means the chests are not refilled and there are only certain items to be found in them: Iron, gold and diamond armor, wooden, stone and iron swords, bows, arrows, golden apples, food and a feather, which gives you a 5-second Speed II effect with a right click. In addition, it is not possible to interact with e.g. workbenches and enchanting tables.

If you don't find a weapon in the first two chests you open, you will automatically get a wooden axe (a free gift) in your inventory.

A round of QuickSurvivalGames has a maximum of 20 players. Teams are not allowed.

The 60 second countdown to the deathmatch also starts once there are only 4 players alive. However, this also starts as soon as the round has already lasted 10 minutes.

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