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How to Play

Cookies, as the name suggests, is about cookies. The goal of the game is to collect as many cookies as possible in a variety of ways and fill your Cookie Cube before anyone else.

Once you've collected your first cookies from the middle of the map after starting the game, you can equip yourself for battle in your base with the help of 3 villagers, build your own cookie factory, secure your cookies in a bank account, or affect gameplay with spells and upgrades. A fourth villager, Olli's dad, lets his son Olli fill your Cookie Cube with cookie blocks in exchange for a payment in cookies. The team that filled its cookie cube first wins.


It has always been Olli's goal to focus the great magical power of cookie blocks. Help Olli and give his dad cookies so Olli can fill your cube before the others. In addition, you can buy upgrades in exchange for cookies in the store, which will help Olli build - there is an extra category in the store for this, the tower upgrades.



The Villager "Merchant" offers you various items to defend yourself against other players who try to mine your Cookie Cube. He also has machines on sale which produce cookies or fences for you to build, where fences can help you protect your cookie cube from enemies.


At the witch you can buy various upgrades for you and your team. These upgrades are split into 3 groups:
- General upgrades, i.e. those upgrades that make your life in cookies easier
- Tower upgrades are those that affect your tower
- Base upgrades are those that strengthen you in your base and weaken opponents


The banker secures your cookies for you on a team account that only you and your team can access. If you're being chased and need to quickly secure your cookies so no opponent can get them, give them to the banker!


In each round of cookies you can get some extra cookies by performing certain actions. Some advancements only need to be made by one in your team to be completed by each team partner (these are marked with "(Team)"). The bonus cookies will be transferred to the team account.


At regular intervals, but randomly timed, an event called "Cookie Rain" will start. At a certain place, somewhere on the map it will rain randomly between 150 and 350 cookies.
The location is made noticeable not only by a chat message, but also by a cloud of effects. The exact number of cookies depends on the team size.

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