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Build FFA

Game mode banner

How to Play

The game mode BuildFFA is located in the server lobby together with the game modes FFA Classic & FFA Hardcore in the FFA Gamezone. You can teleport directly there via the sandstone block in the lobby navigator.

Three kits are available to the player:
  • Classic
  • Rod
  • Bow
There is no clearly defined end of round here either and thus it is a lobby game mode, whereby an FFA server can have a maximum of 16 or 32 players at the same time. The mode offers a good training opportunity due to the pre-built scenarios. Here you can save yourself by e.g. block MLG's.

Teams are forbidden in this game mode. You can easily change your inventory sorting with the command "/inv" or at the villager standing at the spawn. Killstreaks automatically give you an advantage after a certain number of kills:
  • 3 Kills: four Cobwebs
  • 5 Kills: a Rescue Platform
  • 9 Kills: two Golden Apples
  • 15 Kills: 15 seconds the effect Speed I
  • 25 Kills: 10 Extra Hearts
  • 50 Kills: 30 seconds the effect Strength I
To provide variety, the maps change every 15 minutes.

In BuildFFA there is also a ranking, which is sorted by the number of kills. With the command "/top" or the hologram at the spawn you can look up the top 5 of the ranking, with the conventional stats commands you can also look up the other stats.