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How to Play

Cores is a team game mode, which is designed for both tactical action and PvP.

It is played in two teams. These two teams, Team Red and Team Blue, compete against each other on a flying map. The goal of the game is to destroy the cores, which are represented as beacon blocks, of the opposing team while defending your own. The number of cores per team varies depending on the map.
Therefore, the team that destroys all of the opponent's cores first wins the round.

If a core of your team is attacked, you will be alerted about it by a signal message in the chat and a sound. In addition, the scoreboard provides information about which cores are currently under attack.

All blocks of the maps can be mined and blocks can be placed tactically. Only the bases of the teams are protected by block protection.

Each player starts at the beginning of the round and after death with a starting equipment, the sorting of the inventory can be set individually before the start.
The starting equipment can be upgraded by using iron, gold, or diamond blocks. In addition, chests are spread across most maps, in which many more items and surprises await you, with which you can also expand your equipment. In addition, every time you kill someone with a bow, you automatically get four more arrows in your inventory.

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