You have noticed a bug or technical problem on our server or another system of our network? Then you can help us very much here and report this bug using the form below.

We always try to keep our systems as bug-free and stable as possible. Due to the huge amount of complex platforms and individual systems on our network, it may happen that unexpected errors occur in our software.

To be able to fix these bugs quickly, efficiently, and easily, we particularly need an exact description and visualization of the bug!

That's why we created this form, since we unfortunately receive many bug reports with insufficient information, which means that many bugs cannot be found, reproduced and fixed. Therefore, it is especially important that when reporting a bug, you collect as much important information as possible and then share it with us via this form. The most important questions are "What happened when, how and where?", as well as exact information about the game server by providing a /whereami code, your Minecraft version and any modifications you had installed when the bug occurred.

More detailed information on how to create a helpful bug report and an explanation of what happens to your bug report afterwards can be found here: www.gommehd.net/go/bug

We are very grateful that you want to support us with a bug report, and are happy about every single player who helps us and the community to improve the server! Thank you very much!

You can find a short tutorial in the following video: