Map Submissions


You always wanted to play on a map you built yourself, swinging a sword, jumping a parkour, placing blocks, or just exploring? Here’s your opportunity! If you are interested in actively shaping the environment our players enjoy together, we ask you to read the guidelines for the corresponding game modes beforehand. You can find all necessary documents here *click*

To submit a map it is important to fill in all the necessary information. This includes e.g. the credit, which is specified in the chat before the start of a round or can be called with the command "/map". Please make sure that these are written correctly, as we cannot change any entries afterwards.

All attached screenshots of the maps must be made with the default texture pack and should not contain a shader. Also we prefer the image hoster to upload and view the images. For uploading we recommend or These factors ensure a fair evaluation of all submissions.

The evaluations should usually happen within a week. However, unexpected waiting times may still occur. We ask you to refrain from further requests.
You can check the current status of your map submissions in the menu option "Your map submissions". We may attach comments or notes for you to your submission if necessary.

We thank you in advance for supporting our network with your skills. Maybe your submission is already the next playable map on! See you then and good luck with building! <3