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How to Play

CityBuild is a non-round-based game mode in which you'll always be able to give free rein to your creativity with the latest Minecraft version in the plot worlds or search for new blocks for yourself or your own store in the farm world.
You set the goals either alone or together with someone, do you build a big mansion, do you try to build the biggest player store, do you prefer to collect all the heads from the mob collection or do you just want to collect a lot of money?

Hall of fame

In the Hall of fame you can compete with other players in 4 categories:
  • Who has the highest player level
  • Which guild has the most deposited money
  • Who has collected the most different heads

Tradechat, stores and marketplace

Via the tradechat, which you can de-/activate with "/chat trade" and use with "@t [message]", it is possible to sell your collected blocks and items to players. In the player stores you can either sell your own items to others or buy them from others, but if you want to convert your items immediately into money you can transfer certain blocks and items at the marketplace for a small amount of money.


In the admin store at the spawn you can buy a variety of special blocks and items, including many spawn eggs.

Daily und Weekly Chest

In the daily and weekly chests, which renew themselves daily and weekly, you can always find helpful blocks and items, which you can either use for yourself, or sell to other players.


Of course, you can also be independent from other players and earn your own money in the farm worlds by collecting certain blocks or killing certain animals/monsters through jobs, which you can choose at the spawn.


In the guild you are able to team up with other players and collect money in the guild treasury, so that your guild will rise in level and you can unlock small advantages.


However, if an alliance with others is not for you, you can also buy perks at the spawn for your money, through the perks you get different effects, which you can de-/activate as needed, including the possibility to get no more fall damage or never have to suffer from hunger again.

Gameplay Video