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How to Play

In the game mode BedWars, you have to defend your own bed and destroy the one of the opponent.
As long as your bed exists, you can respawn after a 5-seconds cooldown, but you will lose some of your equipment. Once your bed is destroyed, you are eliminated after your next death.

You will fight either alone or in a team on floating islands. Every team has its own, equal island as a base, where you can find your bed as well as the base spawners and the two shops. Furthermore, every map has a center with Gold spawners and side islands with Diamond spawners.
You can use the collected resources to buy useful items for Bronze, Iron or Gold at the item shop. The upgrade shop allows you to trade the Diamonds for upgrades, which will apply for the entire team.

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Items Bought

128 M

Upgrades Bought

12 M

Beds destroyed

116 M

Bronze Spawned

248 MRD

Iron Spawned

10 MRD

Gold Spawned


Diamonds Spawned

58 M