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How to Play

RageMode can be accessed in the Gamezone and via the lobby navigator with the bow.
This is an FFA variant of the former game mode Ragemode. This means that it is an endless game mode without a clearly defined end of the round, in which everyone fights against everyone. Teams are therefore forbidden.

The players have the following equipment:
  • RageKnife: Kills players with one hit. Right-click to block axes.
  • RageBow: Shot arrows cause an explosion when they hit the ground. Hits with the bow kill instantly.
  • RageAxe: Throwable axe that kills players directly when hit and sets their killstreak to 0.
You can edit the position of the items in the hotbar during the round with the command "/inv".

If you kill a player in this mode, your killstreak will increase by one point. With certain killstreaks you will get special effects or items:
  • 3 Kills: Mine (kills a player walking over it)
  • 5 Kills: Speed (15 seconds greatly increased speed)
  • 10 Kills: Dogs Squadron (5 dogs fight other players)
  • 15 Kills: Minigun (Bow with 12 seconds continuous fire)
  • 25 Kills: Armor (Protects you from direct hits)
  • 35 Kills: Angel (18 seconds flying with gold armor)
  • 50 Kills: Nuke (big explosion kills all players)
If you are killed by a hit from a RageBow or RageKnife, your killstreak will be halved. If you are hit by a RageAxe, you lose the entire killstreak.

During the game you will receive messages about killstreaks or similar in the chat. You can also see some important information like your current killstreak or your record in the scoreboard.

There is also a ranking in RageMode, which is sorted by the number of kills. With the command "/top" you can check the top 5 of the ranking, with the conventional stats commands you can also check the other stats.


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