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How to Play

EnderGames is similar to the HungerGames gameplay.
In EnderGames you compete against other players either alone or in a team.
In total, there are 24 players in the round-based game, who fight for their lives.

Each player can choose one of the 43 kits at the beginning of the round. Each kit provides certain unique abilities and items to players, which can be effective and useful in combat or when collecting equipment.

Kits can be bought for a certain amount of coins in the store or can be won in item quests from the coin system. However, each player has at least 6 fixed starter kits for free use.

The goal of the game is to be the last survivor and win the game.

Round Procedure

At the beginning of the game you start on one of the nine variable starting platforms and can grab your first equipment there. With the starting signal also begins a 90-second grace period, during which you can already use your selected kit to equip and prepare for battle.

After the grace period is over, the 30-minute combat phase begins. In this round, you have to eliminate the opponent's players and win the round.

On the map there are various blocks, which can help you during the game:

  • Ender Chests
    You can mine and use any resources on the selected map. However, the main source of resources are ender chests, which can be found all over the map. In them you can find ores, food, potions and many other items that can be useful in battle. However, you should be especially quick for this, because the resources constantly change their position in the chest and the chest itself disappears after a short time and reappears in another place.

  • Enchantment Tables
    At enchantment tables you can, again name already says, equip your items with a random enchantment. But here, as well, speed is essential. If you wait too long, the enchantment table disappears again and appears in another place.

  • Obsidian blocks
    In addition to the ender chests, obsidian blocks also appear from time to time, which give you a speed effect by simply right-clicking on them. (Note: For some kits these are not usable!).

  • End Portal Frame
    End portal frames spawn randomly on the map and represent a kind of teleporter. To use them, you just have to stand on them and you will be teleported to another place on the map after a few seconds.
For extra excitement, you'll be swapped with a random player at random intervals throughout the round, so there's a quick change of situation and you always have to be prepared for battle. That this makes teaming with other players more difficult is in the spirit of the game.

There is usually not much time to get an overview of the situation after a teleport. To counteract this, each player receives a tracker at the beginning of the round, which can be used to determine the exact position of the next player at any time.

If there is still no winner at the end of the combat phase, the 7-minute deathmatch starts, which takes place in a certain zone on the map. The fight is carried out there until the final end. If there is no winner here either, the game ends in a draw.


As was mentioned in the general part, each kit has its own unique abilities and starting equipment, so there is a very wide range of kits for playing the EnderGames. In the waiting lobby you can get a rough overview of all kits via the kit selection. Of course you can read all kit descriptions in the forum game manual of EnderGames.

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