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How to Play

Trouble in Minecraft is based on Trouble in Terrorist Town from Garry's Mod and combines both strategy and tactics. Formerly known as MineMafia on our network, a match of TTT contains up to 12 players that are assigned three different roles 30 seconds after the start of the game:


With no further help than their own weapons, trustworthy Detectives and the Traitor tester, the Innocents' goal is to unmask and eliminate the Traitors unknown to others. They can only rely on orders of the Detective, otherwise they have to take matters into their own hands and observe fellow players carefully to notice any possible murders and other suspicious activity.
Therefore the goal of the Innocents is to identify all Traitors, with the help of the Detective and eliminate them.


Wearing a blue leather jacket, the Detective is a trustworthy player over the game's progress although they are a major target for the Traitors. The Detective can lead the hunt for the Traitors using their shop that can be accessed by executing the following commands: /s or /shop. They also have the opportunity to communicate with their fellow Detectives in the Detective's chat which are accessible by typing @d or /d [Message]. Since they will be the most trusted player they carry a great responsibility and cannot afford any mistakes. The Traitors benefit from any wrong decision the Detective might make. Because of that they better think twice before killing a particular player. It is possible that multiple players receive this role. Furthermore, they will get a case file for every corpse they identify. It will be filled with information about who is the culprit after a short period of inquiry.
The Detective's aim is to identify and eliminate all Traitors while trying to keep alive as many Innocents as possible. They can ask the Innocents to assist them in reaching this goal.


Being disguised as harmless Innocents the Traitors will try and murder every Innocent and Detective, often doing so in small groups. They are aided by the Traitor's Chat and their shop which can be opened by typing @t or /t [Message] and /s or /shop respectively. This opens up many possibilities since they will have access to numerous gadgets that make killing and disguising themselves much easier. They will also be able to secretly communicate with each other, which is crucial for winning. You should never kill a fellow Traitor!
The Traitor's goal is to eliminate all Innocents and Detectives, with the help of his fellow comrades, and to preferably keep a low profile.


Every players starts with a leather jacket that will change its appearance depending on the assigned role (Traitors will become red and Detectives blue). Furthermore there are chests scattered all over the map placing gear into the player's inventory when right-clicking on them. In these chests one can find Wooden Swords, Stone Swords and Bows with Arrows. On every map, there is also an Enderchest giving the player an Iron Sword when right-clicking on it. Depending on your role this gear can be improved by utilizing the shop and earning points. If you don't want to sort your inventory every game, you can fix your inventory sorting already in the main hub at the Villager next to the sign wall.

Traitor Tester

The Traitor Tester serves as a helpful instrument to the Detective, distinguishing between Traitors and innocent players. Whenever a player enters it and presses the button it will close for five seconds. If the player is an Innocent the glass above it will turn green. However, if it is a Traitor it will become red instead. Furthermore, a Traitor will have the opportunity to trigger the trap which on most maps is located somewhat close to the tester itself.

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