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How to Play

The game mode GunGame can be found in the lobby in the Gamezone and can be found in the lobby navigator with the wooden axe.

GunGame is about using initially basic weapons to fight your way to a thick diamond armor by killing other players. Therefore a maximum of 40 players meet on one GunGame server.
GunGame is what is called a lobby game mode, which means that there is no actual end to the game.
The servers are restarted every 180 minutes. However, this happens with a delay.

The GunGame maps that are played on consist to a large extent of water areas, as you die immediately on contact with water and respawn in a PvP protection zone, which is located in the middle of the map.

For every kill you make, you'll go up a level, receiving an upgrade to your equipment and a direct refill of your life.
The following level progress can be earned:

If you die, you will be downgraded to a certain level.
If you leave a GunGame round, the last achieved level will not be saved!
This means that when you enter a new GunGame round, you always start from level 0.

In order to make team play easier in GunGame, the team function allows you to create a team that prevents team members from attacking each other.

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