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How to Play

The Duels mode is the summary of the kit-based ranked and unranked fights of the 1.8 game mode Kit1vs1 and is accessible in the GommeHD.net lobby in the navigator with the gold sword. Duels is a competitive mode with its own training function.

The following six kits are currently available for you:


In addition, each season a new and different Season Kit is playable.

So you have the possibility to choose between one of the seven kits in the Kit1vs1 lobby and with the help of the queue NPCs, enter either a ranked or an unranked queue.

It is also possible to challenge a specific player to a duel. Just left-click on the player you want to challenge with the challenge sword. After a click you can choose a kit directly in a GUI.

Ranked matches are played for the so-called skill groups or elo. Your skill group or elo shows you how well you are currently doing compared to other players in the respective mode. You get your own skill group by winning 10 games in the respective kit. After your 10th win, your skill group for that game mode will be displayed for the first time. This way you will have your own skill group and elo for each game mode.

Through these skill groups you will receive cool prizes at the end of each season. A Season usually lasts three months and is displayed on the bossbar in the Duels lobby. The skill group system is similar to an Elo system. So that doesn't mean you need a certain number of wins to rank up a skill group.

The skill groups go from Bronze 1 (each ascending to level 5) to the rank "Supreme".

In the Duels lobby there is also an area for the Top5 holograms. Through this you can see the best players of the current season.

As already mentioned, at the end of each season there is a reward for the corresponding achieved rank of each kit.


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