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How to Play

The game mode SurvivalGames is based on the HungerGames of the novel trilogy "Tribute of Panem". The goal is to kill all players and be the last survivor to win the round.

The required equipment can be found in chests, which are spread across the respective map. No blocks can be removed or set (exception plants). However, it is possible to interact with, for example, a workbench or an enchantment table. SurvivalGames is available in the variant Team-SG. The game is played in two teams.
A round has a maximum of 24 players.

At the beginning of the round, all players start in the center of the map, called the spawn. There, in addition to numerous chests, you will find a workbench and an enchantment table on most maps. After 10 minutes of play, all chests are refilled.
Once only 4 players are alive, a 60 second countdown starts before the deathmatch begins, where players are teleported to a smaller arena in which the game is finally decided.

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