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Game1vs1 game mode is located in the server lobby together with Kit1vs1 game mode in the Gamezone. You can easily teleport there via the gold helmet in the lobby navigator.

Game1vs1 is the summary of six game modes (Aura, BedWars, SkyWars, SurvivalGames, RageMode and JumpLeague), which can be played here in 1vs1 matches. A difference is made between unranked and ranked matches. Unranked matches, which can be entered either by direct challenge (beating another player with one of the four game mode items in the Game1vs1 lobby) or joining the unranked queue by left-clicking with a game mode item, can be used to test new skills and tactics or to play against friends in a relaxed way.

In the Ranked Matches, which you can enter by right-clicking on the corresponding game mode item, the so-called skill groups are played for. Your skill group shows you how well you are currently doing compared to other players in each mode. You will get your own skill group by winning 25 games in the respective mode. After the 25th victory, the skill group for the respective game mode will be displayed for the first time. This means that you have a separate skill group for each game mode. Through these skill groups you will receive cool prizes at the end of each season. A Season usually lasts three months and is displayed on the scoreboard in the Game1vs1 lobby. The system of skill groups is built in an Elo system.
The skill groups start from Bronze 1 (ascending to level 5) up to the rank "Supreme".

Players with the Supreme skill group get their own queue, the so-called Supreme queue, in which they can play matches against other Supreme players. These Supreme matches count towards the Top 3 ranking.

The leaderboards and statistics will be reset at the beginning of each new season. As mentioned above, a season usually lasts for three months.

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