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How to Play

JumpLeague, as the name suggests, is about a special kind of competitive jump and run, which has been expanded with a PvP component. Therefore, a round consists of two sequential parts - a jump 'n' run part and a deathmatch part.

Jump 'n' Run part

In the Jump 'n' Run part, a total of 12 players compete against each other, jumping a randomly pre-generated jump and run within 8 minutes. This consists of a total of 10 different modules, each with a checkpoint at the end. The modules become more and more difficult as you progress. There are always 3 easy, 3 medium, 3 hard and 1 ultra module, which have to be jumped one after the other.

For each module you can always find an ender chest, which contains various items for the later fight. The more difficult a module is, the better the equipment contained in the chests will be. As basic equipment, you always have a complete set of leather armor and a wooden axe.

Each person who completes the jump 'n' run, receives diamond shoes, which are not found in the chests. If you manage to complete all the modules without falling down even once, you will receive a diamond helmet as a small reward, which is also not found in the chests.

Deathmatch part

When the time of the jump 'n' run part is over or a player has completed all modules, the deathmatch starts. You keep the equipment you collected during the Jump 'n' Run phase.

In the deathmatch, each player has 3 lives at the beginning, which are also displayed in the scoreboard on the right side of the screen. If you die, you lose a life. In the end, the last surviving player wins.

If no winner has been able to prevail until 60 seconds before the end of the game, a beacon is activated on the map at one of 3 defined end points. A particle circle appears around this beacon.The player who stands in this circle at the end of the 60 seconds and has the most kills wins the round.

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