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How to Play

Our game mode SpeedUHC is based on the game mode UHC (Ultra Hardcore), however, as the name suggests, this is the fast version of UHC, but the basic idea of the mode remains the same: Disabled natural regeneration and hardcore Minecraft Survival with PvP!

Grace Period

Arriving in the grace period, there are a few things to keep in mind. Right at the beginning you should cut down a tree and craft an axe. Now, before you go into a cave and start mining ores, you should first collect everything that can be found mainly on the surface: sugar cane, leather, strings, large water basins for water buckets and not to forget wood and apples - so you don't have to get these things later when it comes to the PvP phase.
Now that you've taken care of most things, you can go into a cave. Important there: many levels, diamonds, gold, iron and lapis lazuli. Don't forget to craft an anvil and an enchantment table quite early. This way you can start equipping yourself while farming.

PvP Phase

At the beginning of the PvP phase, there is still a short grace time to get organized, sort out the inventory and prepare for battle. After the short grace period, you can decide whether you want to play along more aggressively or passively get involved in the action. Just note that whoever fights a lot and wins, has more golden apples and equipment. At the end of the PvP phase there is a deatmatch. The goal is to be the last survivor.


The border is 800x800 blocks in the grace time. Arrived in the PvP phase, it immediately shrinks to 400x400 blocks and then, gradually becomes smaller and smaller. So it becomes impossible to hide forever, because at some point you will be forced into the middle. If you still decide to go beyond the border, you will either be blocked right away, or receive damage - so not a good idea.

Map and drop changes

Map changes

There are more and huge caves, which often have no end. In addition, animals, trees, sugar cane and ores are found much more often.

Drop changes

By mining various blocks, SpeedUHC gives you changes to the drops to make the game faster. For example, animals drop directly cooked steak.


You can craft two enchanted books together and get a new unenchanted book, as well as craft two enchanted swords together and get an unenchanted sword out of it. Furthermore, crafted wooden tools automatically become iron tools with efficiency 1 and durability 1.
In exchange for a level, you can place an unenchanted diamond sword in a crafting field and get a Sharpness I diamond sword. You can also place an unenchanted bow in a crafting field and get a Strength I bow - but both only work in the crafting field of a workbench.

Nether Biomes

Nether biomes are found in caves and are very rare. There you can find chests with enchanted books and golden apples, and farm blazes and netherwarts to make yourself a brewing stand. Potions cannot be extended, strengthened, or made throwable. It is also not possible to brew strength potions.

Backpack (Team inventory)

The backpack (accessible via "/bp") is only available in team rounds. It should help the organization and sorting of the teams during the grace period. This way, the players in the teams can split up their tasks and then help each other. In the PvP phase, you can also use it as a second inventory to store important things that you don't want to just throw away.

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