We are currently looking specifically for Java Developers to develop games and frameworks for our Minecraft server.

As a Developer at you will accompany your software from the idea to the deployment and take responsibility for its further development.

Your Profile:

  • You are at least 16 years old and ready to take on responsibility for projects
  • You are able to work independently and goal-oriented on projects
  • You are communicative and able to work in a team
  • You are willing to put time into the project on a regular basis

Your skills:

  • You have advanced knowledge of the Java programming language and have been using it for more than one year
  • You are familiar with the Bukkit/Spigot API and are able to develop complex systems with it
  • You are able to develop asynchronous and thread-safe
  • You have basic knowledge in the use of Git and Maven
  • You are familiar with the basic concepts of object-oriented programming, design patterns are not foreign to you

Other skills that will be beneficial:

The following skills are by no means mandatory, but certainly beneficial for your application

  • Cassandra/Datastax Enterprise
  • MySQL
  • Knowledge of the Minecraft protocol (including the use of Protocol Lib)
  • Redis, Zookeeper
  • Microservices
  • BungeeCord plugin programming
  • Reflections, JNI, background knowledge about the JVM
  • Networking (esp. with Netty)

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to bring in your own ideas, implement them and thereby provide fun for thousands of players
  • A mentor who will guide you at the beginning and familiarize you with our systems
  • A future-oriented team
  • Extensive, bare-metal test resources
  • All rights of the Supremium rank and many more in the game
  • Possibility of a minor employment in case of very good and consistent work

How your application proceeds:

  1. Application through this form
  2. Invitation to an job interview. The invitation and appointment will be made by email, the interview via Teamspeak
  3. 1-2 week test phase in which you independently implement a small project. If successfully implemented, the project is not discarded, but actively deployed on the server network!

If your application is rejected, you will usually receive a notification by email. If you have any questions about the requirements or the application process, please feel free to email [email protected]. Please refrain from asking about the status of your application, these will not be answered.

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