As Building Content, you will actively build new maps for our game modes as well as maps for internal projects and take care of improving and optimizing the existing maps together with other Contents of the building area.

In the "Building" content area, in addition to the regular building content that builds, there are various positions, such as building developer, building supporter, or building designer.

However, it is not possible to apply for these positions. You can apply for the position of the regular building content. On the one hand, there are building events at irregular intervals, where you can prove your building skills and apply to be a building content. These building events are announced by the server team in the forum and on the Twitter page of the area. On the other hand, there is always the possibility to apply with a portfolio in this application panel.

Your Profile:
  • You are able to work independently and goal-oriented on projects
  • You are communicative and able to work both in a team and alone
  • You are willing and motivated to put time into your work at on a regular basis
  • You are mentally mature and have the ability of self-reflection
  • You are good at building maps and generally have a great talent for building
  • You have at least basic knowledge of plugins, like WorldEdit, VoxelSniper & Co.
What we offer:
  • A highly developed, professional building server with its own systems and plugins
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit, FastAsyncVoxelSniper, goPaint, goBrush, HeadDatabase and a few other plugins
  • A mentor who guides you at the beginning of your trial phase and introduces you to our systems and team structures
  • All rights of the Supremium rank and many more in the game, the content rank in the forum, as well as on our TeamSpeak and Discord server

Should you meet the requirements mentioned above and are interested, have the time and motivation for a team membership in the content area "Building", you are welcome to apply here at any time!

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