PartyGames Board UPDATE + New MINIGAMES

Heyho everyone,

we are happy to present you a brand new PartyGames update today. You can expect a game board system with dice and various event fields. We have also developed two new minigames and the ranking system has also been adjusted. 

Game Board System

We have decided to make elementary changes to the PartyGames games. The former star system was removed and a game board system was added. From now on, all players spawn on a board at the start of the game, along with another new game element: the dice. Dice now between the numbers 1 and 6, to reach a more forward playing field. After each dice phase, a mini game is played. Of course, the mini game winners should also get a slight advantage in the following dice phase, so special dice have been added: First place in the mini-game gets an extra dice that rolls between the numbers 4 and 6. The rolled number of the special dice is added to the rolled number of the standard dice. Second and third places also receive a special dice, but these only contain smaller numbers.

The goal of PartyGames is now to reach the last square from the board.

Event Fields

To make the game even more exciting during the dice phases, event fields have been added. A total of three different event fields can occur, which can affect you both positively and negatively. These spawn at random locations on the board each round:

Event field

Teleport forward /backward
The player gets teleported forward or backward by a random number of playing fields.
The player gets randomly swapped with another player.
A shortcut has been unlocked by a scenario. Use it to get to the top of the leaderboard faster.

New Minigames

In addition to the game board system, we also have two brand new mini games for you, which expand the currently available mini game pool.

Elytra Race

Fly an Elytra through various rings and obstacles to be the first player to reach the finish line. The booster rockets can give you great help in dicey situations.

Red Light, Green Light

Probably the most famous game from the series "Squid Game" has now found its way into our PartyGames. Overcome a set distance within the given time and reach the goal. But be careful to move only during the green and yellow phases, because during the red phase you will be catapulted backwards.

New Ranking System &  Lottery

The previously known ranking system with "stars" as the main factor has been removed, as these are now no longer the basis for the game or the statistics. The statistics are now sorted according to the brand new points system. You will receive points if you place within the top 3, both in the minigames and in the whole round. Likewise, a public ranking has been introduced, with which the top 10 wall goes hand in hand.

Due to the introduction of the public ranking, we want to present you a small lottery: You have from now until 10.08.2022 to fight your way to the top in the ranking. The people who are represented in the Top5 on 10.08.2022 will receive a prize from us. From Supremium and Premium to Itemchests there is something for every player.

1st place: 60 days Supremium
2nd place: 60 days Premium
3rd place: 30 days Premium
4th place: Trail Package
5th place: 25x Itemchest Chests

Finally, we wish you lots of fun while playing as well as a pleasant gaming atmosphere. We hope you like our game board update and the new minigames. We would like to thank Vortrag and Pylath for the conception, FancyPlay, sxrhat, and HabsGleich for the technical implementation, and the QS team for testing the update. Also, a big thanks goes to the i18n team for the translations, to the build team for creating the maps, to Neootrix for the design, and to laufe, zShikira, einJqn, and ImTxm for the teasers and trailers.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team