Gamelobby Feature Update

Heyho everyone,

we are happy to introduce some new features to our waiting lobby today. These will provide general improvements to our waiting lobbies and of course, make sure that the waiting time doesn't seem too long for you!

Brand new DoodleJump
In addition to our previous parkour, DoodleJump will now be available, and can also be found above the staircase in the waiting lobby, next to the normal parkour.
DoodleJump is all about getting as high as you can. When you make it onto a block, you get a powerful boost upwards and have to make it onto the next block.

Parkour improvements​

There is now a small reward for the first three completions of our parkours (DoodleJump and parkour):
  1. 5.000 coins
  2. 5x coin chests
  3. 2x item chests
Additionally, in front of the Parkours, the amount of times you have completed them will be displayed.

Improved statistics

From now on it is possible to view the respective statistics in the chat with a right click on one of the signs of the top 10. You can also view the stats of the top 10 in the chat using /top <stats/statsall>, not only in the waiting lobby but also during the entire round.

New hotbar with game instructions

The items in the hotbar are now sorted the same way in every waiting lobby and are consistent regarding their names. There is also the possibility to select the cosmetics before the start of the round via the diamond in your hotbar.
On top of that, each of our game modes now comes with game instructions via a book in the game.
The detailed game instructions are still available here in the forum.

Colored GG and GL​

In addition to the already known characters ("gg" and "wp"), "gege" is now also considered a colored GG and is likewise rewarded with 30 coins. Until now, however, the colored GG was only possible after the round. As a counterpart to this, there is now the colored GL, by which during the waiting time in the waiting lobby "gl" or "hf" is colored and will be rewarded with 10 coins. This is, as the colored GG, also a feature of the premium rank, but every player will still receive the coin reward.

Adjustable tips

Currently, every player in our waiting lobbies receives tips related to the game mode via chat, unless they have been deactivated with /toggletips. These tips are personalized to the player, so there are different pools of tips depending on their stats. Previously, there was only the option to enable the tips, which sent the experience-specific tips, or to disable them completely.
Now the tips can be set in three different levels:

  • No tips
  • All tips (regardless of their own stats)
  • Personalized tips (adapted to your own stats, default)
Finally, we hope that we were able to improve your stay in our waiting lobbies with these small but nice features and would like to thank _unravel_ for the technical implementation and Nickkel for the conception and oversight of the waiting lobby update!

Best regards
Your GommeHD.net team