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Heyaaa Minecraft friends

it is with great pleasure that we can finally present you our 1.20 variant of the popular game mode Kit1vs1: Duels! Besides new kits, new arenas, an adjusted ELO system and tournaments, a lot more awaits you!

In our main lobby you will find a brand new icon in the compass: The Gold Sword. With its help you will be teleported to the Duels NPC. Clicking on the NPC will send you to the Duels Lobby.

Lobby adjustments

The well-known Kit1vs1 lobby has been decorated with many new areas and adapted blocks to match the release of Duels and can thus appear in a completely new gloss. But immediately upon entering, you should notice something very distinctive.


In Duels, we no longer rely on the old way of challenging. The different kits are no longer displayed by individual items in the inventory. Instead, you now have the brand new challenge sword in your inventory. You can challenge other players with different kits by simply clicking on them with the sword. At the same time, you can directly accept a battle request from another player with a sneak+click.


Of course, since the individual kit items have been removed from the inventory, a new way to queue duels has been added. Immediately in front of the Duels spawn you will find two new NPCs.

With them you can enter both the Unranked and Ranked queues of the different kits to find an appropriate opponent. After clicking on either of them, you will be able to choose the kit you want to queue a duel for.

You can also discover a new item directly in the hotbar: the "Enter last queue" item. With this item, you now always have the option to re-enter your last queue even after a game has been played, so that you don't have to open the queue NPCs after every game when continuing to play the same kit on repeat.

Game adjustments

There also have been adjustments to the phase after a duel. From now on, you have the possibility to challenge your opponent to a revenge after a match in order to avenge a previous fight or to extend your winning streak. Of course, this only works in unranked matches! 

Also, the "Enter Last Queue" item described above has been added from the Duels Lobby to the final stage of Duels. So if you were sent into the game via the queue, you can simply re-enter this queue when joining the lobby.


Since the old Kit1vs1 kits are not suitable for the new combat system, all known kits have been either replaced or adjusted. The following kits are now available:


Play with an enchanted diamond equipment, a shield, golden apples, tools and blocks together with the familiar UHC settings. No natural regeneration!


Start with enchanted Netherite equipment, golden apples, Totem of Undying, Ender Pearls, potions, and Ender Crystals.


Play with diamond equipment and golden apples. Without any other equipment at all!


You'll start with a diamond equipment, a shield, a diamond axe and a diamond sword. You'll also get a bow, crossbow and arrows.


You start with enchanted Netherite equipment, lots of potions, totems and golden apples.


Play with enchanted iron equipment, cobwebs, TNT and a flint and steel.


The first Season Kit is Trident, which starts with a trident, blocks and leather armor.

Ranked system & leveling system

With the release of Duels, the entire ranked system was changed and a new leveling system was added. The previously hidden Elo value of the players is now revealed to everyone. At the same time, the logic behind the Elo gained or lost has been changed. Also, the brand new rank "Champion" awaits you from now on. This rank is placed between the Diamond and Supreme ranks. The Top5 of each kit is displayed in the new hologram area. There, you can find both the names and the Elo of the Top5 players with each kit.

You can also access your personal stats for each kit through your head in the hotbar.

In addition to the adjusted ranked system, a permanent, non-seasonal and cross-kit leveling system has also been added. Each player receives a certain amount of XP per game. The XP is then used to calculate the level of the players. You can't lose XP, you can only gain XP!


Duels has now made it possible to have your own tournaments! Therefore, we are happy to present you a beta version of tournaments. With a simple click on the tournament NPC, you can make your own settings, choose a kit and create a competitive tournament.

This is the perfect way to prove yourself against other players in the grand scheme of things! IMPORTANT: Currently, the creation of tournaments is only available to Premium+, VIPs and team members. If the system meets our expectations, this feature will be made available to all players with the Supremium rank. Please also note that the tournaments are currently in beta!


Some formerly very popular, but also some new maps await you in Duels.


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (Tim_Stefan_Maria)


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (BitConi)


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (PhantasticX)


Erbaut von GommeHD.net-Buildteam


Built by Minecraft


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam


And for now, we wish you a lot of fun duelling each other and we hope that you enjoy Duels. We are looking forward to your feedback, especially regarding the adjusted kits and the new ranked system. You can share your feedback here. Duels has a bright future, since we have a lot planned. You can already find a few teasers in the lobby so that you can already look forward to the upcoming updates 🤫

With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net Team


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