Written by CheeseZocker

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

We are very happy to present you a new event for our game mode CityBuild today! Especially beginners will have the opportunity to dive into the depths of CityBuild more easily!


With the new buddy system we want to give new players a faster start into the CityBuild. At the spawn you will find an NPC called Buddy. This NPC allows players above a certain level to register as a buddy to help newer players at the beginning. A buddy will help new players with any questions they may have and support them in their start in CityBuild.
The event runs until 14.04.2024.

New Players

You can get a professional buddy to help you get started in CityBuild. Simply go to the NPC at the spawn or use the command "/buddy menu" to join the queue. As soon as we have found a buddy for you, you will receive an in-game message. They will help you with any questions and show you lots of new insights into CityBuild from the perspective of a pro player. Every player under level 20 has the chance to find a buddy!


To register as a buddy, you must have reached at least level 40. As a buddy, you will give new players an insight into CityBuild and have the opportunity to be rewarded for this. With the command "/buddy todo" you will find useful and helpful tips that could make mentoring easier for you!


Players who register as buddies and help new players have the opportunity to receive a unique collector's item. By leveling up a newcomer, you will also receive CityBuild XP.


Finally, we wish you lots of fun and hope you enjoy the event! Grab a buddy or a protégé and explore the depths of CityBuild together!

With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net team



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