ANNIVERSARY: 10 Years of GommeHD.net + Hide'n'Seek RELEASE

Heyhooo Minecraft friends,

another year has passed, and our server network is already 10 years old. This has to be celebrated! You can expect a brand new game mode, an event livestream with a parkour event, a BedWars event map and much more!



Grab a block of your choice, find a good hiding place, and cross your fingers that you won't be found so quickly!

In our brand-new permanent mode Hide'n'Seek, you can now play the familiar game principle from past childhood days in Minecraft on GommeHD.net. The idea of the hide-and-seek game has been relaunched by us with various features and thus provides an unprecedented gaming experience.

In addition to unlockable kits with unique abilities for the Seekers, there is an individual block palette for the Hiders on each map, making hiding even more enjoyable. And since we've learned over the past 10 years that you like to annoy each other, you'll even be able to do so with complete impunity. At least as a hider with the help of the teasing taunts and the nerve-racking sounds. ;)

So what are you waiting for? Earn points, climb up the rankings and unlock cool new items that will make your rounds never get boring. 



In the course of the anniversary, we have taken care of a BedWars 2x25 event. The already familiar map “Airships” has been festively rebuilt and adapted to our new BedWars system. It will be available for you during the entire anniversary event. You can find the matching join sign in the BedWars area. Get your friends, create a party and let's go!



Of course, we have also decorated and transformed our lobby and Gommunity. They now appear in bright colors and are equipped with lots of balloons, so that the party feeling also takes you!

We have also completely redesigned the Hallway of Remembrance in the Gommunity and, of course, expanded it with last year's updates. You can reach it again directly via the warp at the spawn. GommeHD personally pulls you into the middle of the network's history. With the help of a WebAudio client, never-before-told background stories can be revealed to you.


Finally, of course, we wish you a lot of fun and hope that we can enjoy the birthday of GommeHD.net together. We would like to say a special thank you to all of you for your daily support, be it through active playing or even purchases in our store. A big thanks also go to all active YouTubers and streamers who promote our network on social media. Special praise also goes to our team members who invest a lot of time every day to create a pleasant environment for all players on the network. Thank you for #10YearsGommeHDnet <3! 

Special thanks for the technical implementation go to HabsGleich and Bemoty, as well as ImTxm and Vortrag for the conception of the event and Laubfrosch7 for the conception of the new game mode. For the realization of the impressive maps, we would like to thank our entire build team. We would also like to thank Maariuus for the design and laufe, einJqn, valentinsan, zShikira and saikizn for producing the anniversary and Hide'n'Seek videos.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team