Written by Laubfrosch7

Heyho Minecraft friends,

following on from our first big bingo event with the variation "Time-Stacker", we would like to introduce you to a completely new version of bingo today and invite you to our second big bingo event. 

At this event, we will once again be accompanied by unprecedented game mechanics that will make your Bingo rounds even more exciting and nerve-wracking. The second of many more planned bingo variations awaits you: BINGO DEATHMATCH 

» What is "Bingo (Deathmatch)"?

The "Bingo (Deathmatch)" variant is another variation of "Bingo (Classic)". The variant is played exclusively with two teams per round. However, the number of team members is variable. The round sizes 2x1, 2x2 and 2x3 are available.

Unlike in "Bingo (Classic)", the teams in this variant not only share the arrangement of the items on the bingo card, but also the content of the bingo card itself. This means that an item found by your own team can no longer be redeemed by the other team.

The aim of this variant remains the same: to be the first team to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row on a bingo card with 25 squares (size: 5x5) by finding items. 

If no more bingo can be achieved by blocking all rows, the first team to find 13 items (≙ more than 50% of the items on the bingo card) wins. The maximum playing time in "Bingo (Deathmatch)" is 45 minutes. If the round ends due to time running out, the team that has found the most items wins. 

Detailed instructions for the "Bingo (Deathmatch)" variant can of course also be found in our game instructions in the forum.

» Event

Of course, the release of "Bingo (Deathmatch)" should also be duly celebrated! Since it was unfortunately not possible to implement a reasonable ranking in "Bingo (Deathmatch)", we have decided to reward you for participating in the event.

Anyone who plays a round of the event game mode "Bingo (Deathmatch)" in the period from January 12th, 2024 to January 26th, 2024 will automatically receive a small cosmetic reward after completing a round. A win is not required for this.

As always, you can find everything about the event in the Bingo building in the GommeHD.net main lobby. In the event area set up there, you will find a villager who will briefly explain the mode to you, as well as signs that you can use to join the event. 

After the end of the event, "Bingo (Time-Stacker)" will continue to be available as an exclusive mode on private servers.

We hope you enjoy this small update and are already looking forward to the following variations of Bingo!

Please let us know what you think of our new Bingo variant. Of course, we are always open to improvements!
We look forward to your feedback and creative suggestions 😊

With kind regards

Your GommeHD.net Team


Developer Summerfeeling
Content (Game Design) Laubfrosch7
Content (Quality Assurance) UselessGeld