Written by DerAutist

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

It is with great pleasure that we can present you a new SkyWars 1.20 update today. The new update includes a reworked private games system with many new features, such as loot settings and new game rules and physics. Look forward to new maps and balancing adjustments!

Private Games

The private games have been completely revamped! It is now possible to customize the rounds even more. We have also taken into account that the features are in line with the mode's frequently hosted tournaments.

Balancing Changes

Unfortunately, the Enchanter and Shulker kits have to leave us. Instead, various other kits such as Cloud, Goat, Phantom, Warden and Bandit have been improved. At the request of the community, the Elytra and Grappling Hook kits have been nerfed.

Map Update

Many exciting maps await you. For example, 5 new tournament maps and 6 new public maps are coming to the game!

Finally, we wish you lots of fun playing and hope you enjoy this update!


With kind regards

Your GommeHD.net team


Developer Kaooot
Content (Game Design) DerAutist
Content (Public Relations) Abgxlehnt
Content (Quality Assurance) Dreeaming