Written by Vortrag

Heyho Minecraft friends,

We are happy to announce a new item in Bedwars. There are also some balancing changes to existing items.



You don't have time to build your bed in front of the enemies? In that case, we have the solution. With the new item "Bedbuilder" you can automatically build in your bed by right-clicking. The bed is built with 8 wooden blocks and 18 clay blocks and provides good protection against intruders! 


Balancing changes

You can expect some balancing changes to the following items:

Mobile Team Chest
Due to the increased use of the mobile team chest in battle, a cooldown of a few seconds after using the booster has been added. 
After getting feedback from the community, a change to the Freezer was requested. However, before the item is removed, we have decided on a change that will make the item weaker. As soon as the player takes damage in "freeze mode", the freeze effect is removed and the player gets a slow effect for a few seconds.
The booster can only be used 20 times before it destroys itself.
Another method of dealing with the Freezer is to drink milk after being hit by the Freezer to prevent freezing.

The price has been reduced from 2 iron to 1 iron.


We hope you like the update and wish you lots of fun playing! For feedback and suggestions for improvement, please continue to use the forum and the Discord.


With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net team

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Developer DevTastisch
Content (Game Design) Vortrag
Content (Quality Assurance) Dreeaming