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20 Feb. 2016
These rules act in addition to the General rules and the Minecraft rules
§1 Applicability of these rules
  1. These rules apply to all components of the network that enable the predominantly automated hosting of ClanWars by the Minecraft network. They apply in addition to the General rules and the Minecraft rules of the network.
  2. By participating in a ClanWar, the user accepts these additional rules as well as the following rules and agrees to abide by them:

§2 Punishments
  1. Possible penalties in addition to §2 section 4 of the General rules are:
    • Change of the match rating
    • Deduction of Elo points of the associated clan
    • Disqualification of individuals or the entire clan from the ClanWar system

§3 Review of a ClanWar
  1. A ClanWar is automatically entered and rated. If there is a suspicion of a rule violation, a clan report can be submitted to request a review of the validity of a match. The clan report must contain evidence of a rule violation.
  2. For ClanWars that are not held through the official system for ranked ClanWars, no request for such a review can be made. Rule violations are to be reported with the command "/report".

§4 General guidelines
  1. After playing a ranked ClanWar, participation in another ranked ClanWar of the same game mode for another clan with your own or another account within the next 72 hours is prohibited.
  2. The participant of a ClanWar is not allowed to transfer the participation to another person during a ClanWar.
  3. Any agreements about the continuation of a ClanWar that is divided into several matches (Best of CWs) are to be made via the Matchpage chat.
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