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31 Juli 2018
Hey guys,
long is it here that i post somsing in the forum. But i have to say, i am impressed. You did very good job Hypixel. I can just say WOW AMAZING! The multicolor clay Blöcke (nicht in diesem TON) are very beautiful to anwatchen. And OMG the fireballs are a enrichment because you can nerven all players with them, that feels very good for my ego. And that the bows only cost iron is also very nice! my enemys dont like it, I lovit lovit lovit ohoh. AND THE HIGHLIGHT, A CASTLE. I feel like a king in it. last but not least i feel it very much that the long historical gold ore is now not the best in bedwars because diamonds are really much better. now when i play the real bedwars i hear the "I found a Diamond" song every time. All in all very good that you decided to spread out in the biggest german meinkraft server.
Thank you Hypixel for se update :)
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