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20 Feb. 2016
Guide to translating

General Information
In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know to get started with translating into your mother tongue. The translations on our server network are crowd-sourced, which means that we invite our players to translate the network in order to make it available to more people in the world. We host our translation project on Crowdin. To join it, simply create an account on Crowdin here and click the green "Join" button in the top right corner of the project page.

We are always willing to expand the language selection on our network, so if you speak a language other than those already listed below and would like to help us out with translating the network into that language, feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and we might consider adding it to the target language pool. Currently, we're looking for voluntary help with translating English source strings into the following languages:
- Bosnian
- Catalonian
- Chinese Simplified
- Chinese Traditional
- Croatian
- Czech
- Danish
- Dutch
- Finnish
- Flemish
- French
- German
- German, Austria
- German, Switzerland
- Greek
- Hungarian
- Indonesian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Luxembourgish
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Portuguese (Portugal)
- Romanian
- Russian
- Serbian (Cyrillic)
- Slovak
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Turkish
- Ukrainian
- Vietnamese

How to translate
The translation panel on Crowdin is fairly simple to use. Upon joining the project, you can simply click the language you want to translate to and then select the file you want to translate. The following image briefly illustrates how to use the panel.


As soon as you understood how the panel works, you are almost ready to start translating. However, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure high translation quality:
  • Consistency: Use the filtered Crowdin search or/and the translation memory to ensure consistency within all language files. Feel free to use different wordings when translating longer texts, but please don't call a pink sheep a pink sheep the first time but a rose sheep the next time.
  • Variables: We use variables such as "%prefix%" or "{0}" to fill in crucial information into strings before we display them to players. Feel free to rearrange those variables if it's grammatically correct in your language. (i. e. place "{1}" before "{0}" in a translation)
  • Context: If you're lacking context in order to correctly translate a string, please create a translation issue and/or click the "Request context" button. A staff member will then add more information regarding context to the string as soon as possible.
  • Comments: Use comments to talk to other translators of your language. Let them know why you translated something the way you translated it, or use the comment section simply to leave notes/references for a string.
  • Machine Translations: Please, please, please, please don't use machine translation tools. Some computer translation tools are already pretty good at detecting context and giving pretty accurate translations. However, they still can't replace human-generated translations.
  • Substitutions: There might be occasions where there is no suitable translation for your language (e. g. "It's raining gravel", which is a reference to The Weather Girls' 1982 hit song "It's raining men"). In such cases, you may use a different and more suitable reference, or use a generic translation, which is suitable for the given context.
Voice & overall tone
While translating, it's incredibly important to use a suitable tone to avoid alienating our players, which mostly consist of adolescents. Try to keep the tone informal, but not rude. Use simple vocabulary, but don't make the players feel like morons.

Please try to use gender neutral pronouns in your translations and never specify the gender of players.

There are some words and phrases which shouldn't be translated because of active trademarks or unique names (for game modes). Please do not force capitalization if your language's grammar is against it. If it is impossible to not translate the following words into your language for whatever reason, please let us know (create a translation issue in the comments on Crowdin).
  • BedWars
  • SkyWars
  • EnderGames
  • Cores
  • Cookies (only the game mode's name)
  • JumpLeague
  • SpeedUHC
  • SurvivalGames
  • TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town)
  • YouTuber's names such as "GommeHD", "ungespielt", "Paluten" etc.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

I would like to translate the network into my native language but it isn't available in the project. What can I do?
As already mentioned above, if your mother tongue isn't available in the translation project, feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and we will consider adding it to our target languages.

How can I become a proofreader for a target language?
New proofreaders are mostly chosen by proofreaders already on the team based on activity and quality of translations. So, if you want to become a PR: Just show some dedication and skill, and we might send you a message on Crowdin, asking if you want to become a proofreader, sooner than you think!

I found German/English text ingame which isn't available for translation on Crowdin. Why is that?
We're still actively working on internationalizing all of our modules and game modes. However, that process takes a lot of work and time, so please be patient and report such hardcoded strings using the bug report panel (/bugreport).

Will you also support RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian or Hebrew?

Unfortunately, we currently cannot support right to left languages. Making our systems support them would be an enormous effort and thus, introducing support for RTL langs is not anywhere on our priority list for now. Sorry!

How can I report incorrect translations which have already been approved by a proofreader?
Simply create a translation issue for the corresponding string in the comment section and tag the proofreader who approved the string — the issue then should be resolved as soon as possible.

And that's pretty much all about it! We hope to see you in the project soon. ;)
The Server Team
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