TTT Update | New Maps & Items

Written by einJqn

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

Today we are delighted to present a brand new update for our TTT game mode. In addition to new items and new maps, you can also expect the reintroduction of trap skins and much more!

Item adjustments

We are pleased to present a wide range of item adjustments. We can welcome new items to the game and look forward to adjustments to existing items:


New item

  • Tripwire (2 points): Make your opponents fall to the ground

Adjusted items

  • Boom-Body: The damage of the boom body has been reduced
  • Blowpipe: The poisoning effect has been increased to 8 seconds. You now also get the nausea effect
  • Flash Wand: The cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds
  • Land Mine: The damage of the landmine has been reduced

Removed items

  • Flamethrower
  • Stomper Boots

New items

  • Item detector (3 points): Search a player to find out if they are carrying any conspicuous items
  • Spy device (2 points): Eavesdrop on opponents standing within 25 blocks of the spy device. As soon as a player dies in this area, the detective is notified

Adjusted items

  • Radar: The "Explosives" and "Corpses" options have been added to the radar. A waiting time has also been added after selecting a target
  • Handcuffs: The price of handcuffs has been reduced to 3 points. The handcuffed player now also receives a slowness effect
  • Turtle Shell: The Turtle Shell now only reflects 33% of damage received.

Removed item

  • Shield

Item Rankings

In the waiting lobby, you now receive the store overview directly as an emerald in your inventory. Within this store overview, you have the familiar option of displaying the Traitor and Detective stores as usual. In addition, you can now display the item rankings of the respective items.

There are different listing criteria depending on the item. For the traitor items Blowpipe, C4, Vexes, Boom-Body, Snowball, Creeper Arrows, Boomerang, Minigun, Land Mine and Flash Wand, and for the detective item One-Shot-Bow, the ranking is based on the kills associated with it.

The Traitor Items Innocent Ticket, Cannibalism, Trap Ticket, Teleport Gun, Second Chance, Flashbang and Tripwire and the Detective Items Defuser, Handcuffs, Super Identifier, Defroster, Second Chance, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade and Item Detector are ranked according to successful uses.

The Traitor Items Campfire, Camouflage Hat and Radar and the Detective Items Parachute, Healing Station, Cobweb Grenade, Traitor Detector, Turtle Shell, Radar, Random Tester and Spy Device are ranked according to single use.


We are pleased to present a total of 4 new maps.


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (Tim_Stefan_Maria)


Built by vberlin, emlo, LFSD & Fxntom


Built by Fxntom


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (Tim_Stefan_Maria)

We are also looking forward to a remake of the well-known maps LesRues and Harbour!


Built by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (Tim_Stefan_Maria) & CalamityFreddi, Laugenbrezel & Schnitzelmaxl


Built by Aries Buildings (Fxntom, Laugenbrezel & Tim_Stefan_Maria)

And much more!

There are a few more adjustments! The trap skins have returned, the endchest spawn points have been adjusted and the sounds when identifying and killing have been changed. These now depend on whether the kill was positive or negative for your team. The kill assignment has also been partially adjusted. You can find more detailed information on this in the changelog.

Finally, we hope you enjoy playing the game and that you like the update.

With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net-Team


Developer Summerfeeling
Game Design Mxik
Public Relations Zunano
Quality Assurance iowaniklas