Heyaa Minecraftfriends,

today we are pleased to present you another update of our friends system. With this update, we would like to expand the social interaction possibilities and at the same time simplify its handling. Without keeping you in the dark, we would like to start by introducing you to the new features:

Broadcast Messages

Who of you doesn't know it? There's important news to announce, but it's not worth the effort to write to every friend separately. You are missing one more player to complete your team, but you don't want to send dozens of party invitations one by one. A spectacular situation is brewing in your round that you absolutely have to share with your friends ...

For all these scenarios, the new broadcast messages offer a perfect solution. From now on, you'll be able to reach several people at once and share all kinds of information and concerns in no time at all.

You can easily create a broadcast message with the command "/broadcast <message>" (shortcut: "/bc <message>"). After you have entered the command and the desired message in the chat, you only have to select to whom the broadcast message should be sent. You can select whether the message should be sent only to friends, only to favorites, or to friends and favorites.

Depending on the rank, it is also possible to attach a specific interaction option to the broadcast message. This allows sending party invitations and requests that invite the recipients directly to the own (private) server. However, the number of broadcast messages is limited. Non-Premiums have the possibility to send 1 broadcast message per day. Players with the Premium rank can send 3 and Supremiums a total of 5 broadcast messages per day.

New Command: /msg list

With the new command "/msg list" you can now display the 10 most recently received private messages that you have received from friends/favorites during your online time. In addition, each message will show when you received it.

Adjustments to offline private messages

Due to a technical change, a distinction will be made in the future as to whether a private message received is an online private message or an offline private message. As a result, the receipt of online and offline private messages from friends/favorites can be set independently in the future.

Customization of the sorting function in the friend menu

There are two brand new sorting templates in the friends menu from now on. One of the new sorting templates first shows all online favorites/friends in alphabetically ascending order and then all offline favorites/friends in alphabetically ascending order. Equivalently, the second sorting template allows the aforementioned sorting in alphabetically descending order.

Customization for friend requests

If you receive a friend request from a player, you currently have 7 days to answer it. If you don't answer the request, it will automatically expire after this time. The remaining time for answering friend requests will be displayed under the respective player's head in the inventory of friend requests. The friend requests are also sorted according to their "expiration date".

Furthermore, there have been minor adjustments when accepting friend requests:

If you have already received a friend request from another player and send them a friend request using the "/friend request" command, you can now accept their friend request directly. You can now also accept an open friend request by hitting the corresponding player in the main lobby with your own player head (9th slot in the main lobby hotbar).

New Shortcuts

Two shortcuts have been added to the list of shortcuts.

In addition to "/fl" (/friend list) and "/fj <player>" (/friend jump <player>), the shortcuts "/fr" (/friend requests) and "/cj <player>" (/clan jump <player>) are now also available.


Besides the aforementioned new features, there were still many small "Quality of Life" adjustments. This includes some adjustments to sounds, as well as the concretization of some descriptions. For example, when setting a status, the age of the previous status is now displayed.

It has also been adjusted that the best possible method of movement is now automatically selected if the rank has changed due to a purchase in our store (https://shop.gommehd.net/).


We hope you enjoy this comprehensive update! Please let us know what you think about the new features. Of course, we are always open for further improvements! We are looking forward to your suggestions :)

Last but not least, we would like to thank Laubfrosch7, who did the extensive conception and challenging project management of this impressive update, as well as the lovely and highly talented Zunano, who was responsible for the creation of this first-class design. Of course, a special thanks also goes to our developer HabsGleich, who did an outstanding job in the development of this monumental project.


With kind regards

Your GommeHD.net server team