New Year Event 2021: Rewind

Heyho everyone,

2021 is approaching its final days. A lot has happened. We were part of your personal year 2021 and you were a part of us! Many of you spend a large part of your free time on our network, so the question naturally arises: What did you actually do on our network in 2021?

From now on you can generate your personal 2021 Rewind on our website, for which you only need an account:


You'll get an overview of your overall progress, as well as your progress in the various game modes. You'll also have the option to download your annual review as an image and share it on social media.

Win the Supremium Rank
By sharing your 2021 Rewind on social media, you can not only share it with others but also have a chance to win the Supremium Rank for 2021 hours. Share your Rewind on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #MyGommeHDnet2021. The more of the three social networks you use to share your Rewind, the greater your chance of winning the Supremium Rank. We will pick the winners on 19th January.

Finally, we wish you a happy new year 2022 and hope that we will continue to be a part of you in it! We also wish you good luck with the giveaway and remember to share your Rewind!

Best regards
Your GommeHD.net team