MoneyMaker Release

Heyho everyone,

we are super hyped to announce our newest game mode MoneyMaker!
Enter a completely new world and create your own mining empire. Hire workers, upgrade them, and manage your production, to climb the ladder of successful mine owners!

As our second ever long-term game mode, MoneyMaker appeals to casual players just as much as to challenge lovers. The intuitive tutorial allows for an incredibly quick understanding of the game mechanics and before you've noticed, you're already playing like a pro!

How to play?

You start in an old gold mine and must first get it running again. To do so, you must hire three different types of workers. Mine workers mine ores and store them in their chest. The transportation worker oversees the minecart, which is used to transport the ores from the mine to the blacksmith. Here the ores are once again stored until the bank employee retrieves them to finally deliver them to the bank. Once done, the profit will be added to your balance.
Of course, you can always expand your mine and unlock new workstations for your miners. To keep up with the increasing production rate, you must also upgrade the transportation worker and bank employee.

Your workers continue working while you are offline. Thus, you are even earning money while being away. However, should you stay away for too long, your production rate will decrease, so do not let your workers unaccompanied for too long.

Farming cave

Using the gold ore in your hotbar, you can teleport yourself to the farming cave. Here you can get to work yourself by mining some ores to earn a good amount of extra cash and have a chance of finding rare boosters.
Furthermore, it's the best location to chat with other players and flex with your cosmetic, which you can unlock at your mine ;)

Booster & Effects

To speed up your progress, you can use boosters and effects. Every worker has their very own effect, which you can activate. This will cause, depending on the worker's effect, the earnings, speed, or capacity of the individual worker to increase. You can even decrease the costs to upgrade workstations using the effect of some workers. Effects are only temporary and are always followed by a cooldown. You cannot use them again until the cooldown has passed. Check your workers regularly to see if you can activate an effect!
You can always hire new workers and see if they have a better effect. You have a chance of finding especially rare ones with, especially strong effects.

Boosters can be found while mining ores in the farming cave or as rewards for completing tasks. They can enormously increase your earnings for a limited period of time. The increased profit from them is added to your balance when your bank employee delivers the gold to the bank. Boosters can only be used once and you have to find new ones after using them all.

Booster packs

Should you feel the need for boosters with powers unimaginable for other players, feel free to visit our shop and take a look at our great deals. You can find them here.

We wish you all tons of fun while playing and are super excited for your feedback!
Finally, we would like to thank our developers @_Esel@DerCoder, and @LinuxServer for putting countless hours of work and effort into creating MoneyMaker.

From rags to riches,
Your GommeHD.net server team