MoneyMaker | Valentine’s day special event 2024

Written by WorldOfSquirrels

Heya Minecrafters and MoneyMaker lovers,
Today is the day of love… so love and joy has to be spread in MoneyMaker!! This happens, on the one
hand, through the two well-known event mines, filled with love. Dear Cupid also continues to share
time with you. He’s got quite a lovely deal for you.

But that won‘t be all this year! On the other hand, there’s also another special feature apart from the
event mines: The mobs don‘t want to sully the time of love with their anger, instead they are eager
to find new friends. Accordingly, they won‘t attack you throughout the entire event, which runs until
the evening of February 25th (02/25/2024) at about 6 pm.

Event mines

For a lovely and dreamy atmosphere, the Rose and Love Mines await you with the usual 30 mine
workplaces. These two event mines can be accessed via the event profile, which is located above the
normal profile slots in the profile overview.
Once you are on the event profile, everything works corresponding to a normal profile (except that
you can only play by yourself, therefore no coop is possible). You start in the Rose Mine and work
your way there until the Love Mine becomes reachable. Your attention should especially be on one
goal: Be rich, become the richest and get to the highest possible IdleCash. Based on this, prizes are
distributed at the end of the event mine, which is discussed in more detail below.
The event mines are as already written available until 02/25/2024, which represents a shortened
time for the former event mines. You better hurry!


The farming cave is more peaceful than ever: the mobs won‘t attack you. This applies not only to
those players playing on the event profile, but also to every other player. This means, it is a time, in
which you can stay even on the Iron Layer in peace of mind without having to fear a ruthless attack
from behind.

Roses & Cupid

At the entrance of the farming cave is Cupid, the god of love, who also wants to contribute to love.
For doing so, you can exchange roses with Cupid for random boosters (only for your event profile).
That’s cool, isn’t it?

However, the roses aren’t collected by killing mobs this time. Such attacks on mobs even have a big
counterproductive effect: temporarily, you won’t get any roses at all.
Instead, you have to make friends with the mobs by right clicking on them. They might love you so
much, that they'll give you a rose to trade with Cupid. But you should not overdo it and get on their
nerves too much (spam clicking), otherwise they won’t give you any roses for some time.

Rewards & Badge

Of course, you can also get rewards from these event mines. As such, every participant, who even
has only visited his event mine, gets a badge. These badges can be seen both for yourself in the
profile overview and for other players by right clicking on them.
The Top 500 will receive, according to their ranking, further prizes up to a legendary worker.
Overview of rewards:

Reward table
Ranking Badge Rewards
Top 1

Diamond Heart

1x legendary worker
2x +100,000% boost for 2 minutes
3x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
3x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
3x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
4x +,.000% boost for 1 hour
5x +500% boost for 4 hours
6x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 10

Gold Heart

1x +100,000% boost for 2 minutes
2x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
2x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +1,000% boost for 1 hour
4x +500% boost for 4 hours
4x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 100

Silver Heart

1x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
1x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +1,000% boost for 1 hour
3x +500% boost for 4 hours
3x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 500

Bronze Heart

1x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
1x +5,000% Boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +500% boost for 4 hours
2x +200% boost for 24 hours
Participated Gray Heart -

However, it may take a few days for the rewards to be distributed. Until then, you can continue to
enter the event mine and review your progress.

Event tips

There are newly added tips for both general events, as well as special tips for the current event.
These tips only appear during an event (mine) in the chat to bring more players closer to the event.
You can disable these tips in the settings under Notifications or re-enable them.

We wish you lots of fun and lots of new friends! :)

Your GommeHD.net Team


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