MoneyMaker | Farming Cave Update

Heyho everyone,

we are very happy to finally announce a new Update for our game mode MoneyMaker. Features like new mobs, a new level, and other exciting updates, bringing you many new things to do and enjoy in the Farming Cave, await you.

Coal Level

The new Coal Level is the main feature of this update. It includes new mobs, as well as the new mineable ore: Coal, obviously. The Coal Level is situated below the Gold Level and can either be accessed through an adventurous walk or using the brand-new elevator. To access the Coal Level, however, you must have mined at least 10,000 ores in the Gold Level. Mining ores in the Coal Level will grant you more cash than in the Gold Level, making it a more profitable area for experienced players.

New Sword + Mobs

Besides their usual pickaxe, every player now has a sword in their inventory. It can come in very handy when facing mobs in the Coal Level of the Farming Cave. These new mobs are quite pesky when trying to mine some Coal, however, when killed, they also grant their killer some cash. Furthermore, the killer can increase their sword level, slowly rising in the sword ranking leaderboard. But beware! Being killed by mobs will cause you to lose some of your hard-earned cash!

Private Farming Cave

You just want to be able to farm in peace? Then this new feature is just right for you:
By using the new piston on your inventory, players with the Supremrank can now access a private Farming Cave. Here, you will be able to mine ores in peace, without having to worry about other players trolling you.

We hope you enjoy this update and have fun exploring the new features. Feel free to give us some feedback on this update. Thank you very much Wolle8 for the conceptional development, _Esel for the technical development, Stragee for the great design, einJqn and ImTxm for the trailer, as well as the i18n team for the translation of this update.

Beware the dangers of the deep dark!
Your GommeHD.net server team