MoneyMaker | Easter eventmine 2024

Written by WorldOfSquirrels

šŸŽµ " Stups, the little Easterbunny constantly falls on his nose, no matter, where he ran, always something would go wrong...”šŸŽµ

Hey-ya Minecrafters and MoneyMaker enthusiasts,

Easter season again!! And this event will be just as hoppy as the lyrics of the song. First of all, there are of course two event mines
and a generous offer from the Easter Bunny. But there will also be a similar theme in the Farming Cave, with naughty Easter Bunny
children everywhere, fleeing from their duty to paint Easter eggs. The opportunity to capture the Easter bunnies for a small sum of
money per bunny is available throughout the entire Event time, which runs until April 28 (28.04.2024) in the evening at around
6 pm. During this time, the booster chance is generally doubled thanks to hidden Easter eggs.

Event mines

To get you in the Easter mood in the first place, the Easter Egg and Carrot Mines await you with the usual 30 mine workstations.
These two event mines can be accessed via the event profile, which is located above the normal profile slots in the profile overview.

Once you are on the event profile, everything works corresponding to a normal profile (except that you can only play it by yourself,
therefore no coop is possible). You start in the Easter egg mine and work your way there until the Carrot Mine becomes reachable.
Your attention should be on especially one goal: Be rich, become the richest and get to the highest IdleCash. Based on this, prizes
are distributed at the end of the event mine, which is discussed in more detail below.

The event mines are as already written available until 28.04.2024, so it is relatively long. This means you can enjoy the time to the
fullest and live out your Easter childhood.

Naughty Easter bunny's children

This event not only affects those who are on the event profile, but also everyone else:

The Easter bunny's children, who were supposed to be busy painting Easter eggs, have all escaped and are jumping through the
entire farming cave!! Your task is to catch the children by right/left clicking, for which you will be rewarded directly.
However, the children are no longer interested in the Easter eggs and don't want to be caught, which is why you shouldn't act too
frantically in their proximity, otherwise they will get scared of you and run away.

Increased booster chance thanks to Easter eggs

The Easter bunny children don't just run around in a frenzy, they even hide special Easter eggs.
You can either obtain these by capturing the Easter bunny's children, or uncover them by mining the ores.
The hidden Easter eggs always contain one booster and their sheer mass doubles the booster chance for ALL PLAYERS!!!
The farming cave is therefore twice and thrice as worthwhile for all types of play during the Easter period.

Desperate Easter bunny

The Easter Bunny really misses his little helpers and wants nothing more than for them to return to him, otherwise he won't be able
to handle all the Easter eggs 
especially when they have stolen all Easter eggs. That's why he's standing at the entrance to the Farming
Cave where you can return the bunny children
you've collected. In return, he will give you some of them back in the form of boosters.

However, this is only possible on the event profile, i.e. only the Easter eggs from this profile will be counted and available
for exchange.

Rewards & Badge

Of course, there are also rewards for this event mine. As such, every participant who has started the event mine, even briefly, will
receive an award. You can see these awards both for yourself in the profile overview and for other players by right-clicking on them.

The Top 500 will receive further prizes up to a legendary worker, depending on their ranking.
Overview of rewards: 

Reward table
Ranking Badge Rewards
Top 1

Diamond Easter egg

1x legendary worker
2x +100,000% boost for 2 minutes
3x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
3x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
3x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
4x +,.000% boost for 1 hour
5x +500% boost for 4 hours
6x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 10

Gold Easter egg

1x +100,000% boost for 2 minutes
2x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
2x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +1,000% boost for 1 hour
4x +500% boost for 4 hours
4x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 100

Silver Easter egg

1x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
1x +5,000% boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +1,000% boost for 1 hour
3x +500% boost for 4 hours
3x +200% boost for 24 hours
Top 500

Bronze Easter egg

1x +10,000% boost for 5 minutes
1x +5,000% Boost for 10 minutes
2x +2,000% boost for 30 minutes
2x +500% boost for 4 hours
2x +200% boost for 24 hours
Participated Gray Easter egg -


However, it may take a few days for the rewards to be distributed. Until then, you can continue to enter the event mine and review your progress.

We wish you lots of fun playing and lots of success catching these little runaways.
Enjoy the Easter season! :)

Your GommeHD.net Team


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GameDesign WorldOfSquirrels