MoneyMaker | Caribbean Eventmine

Heya Minecrafters,

The summer months are slowly coming to an end, but in MoneyMaker the Caribbean feeling is being unleashed again right now.


Waiting for you are a Carbik-style beach and fruit mine, all of which are staffed with 30 mine jobs. As with previous events, you can access your event profile from your profile overview. If you are on your event profile, you can teleport between the beach and fruit mine with the help of the navigator.
You will start in the beach mine, but if you have saved up a certain amount, you can unlock the fruit mine to increase your IdleCash even more. You have the chance to enter the event mine until 30.09.2022. At 6 PM it will close again. You can leave the event profile via the profile overview, to enter your standard mine.

Fruits and Lifeguard

An important person is waiting for you in the farming cave: The Lifeguard. He offers you an exciting exchange, which you can't refuse. By collecting fruits and killing monsters at the coal level, you can redeem the items for boosters from the Lifeguard. Important: The exchanged boosters are only redeemable in the event profile. This option can help you move up in the event profile ranking to get a better award & better prizes.

Rewards and Awards

The most active players of you, who have made it to the top with their event mine, shall of course not go without a prize. There are prizes for the Top 500, which you can see here. All participants will also receive an award. The color of the prize will be determined by your ranking. It may take a few days until the rewards are distributed.

Further adjustments

With the release of the event mine, the amount for unlocking the coal level has also been reduced. Thus, all players can now get to the coal level faster. This change only affects the event profile. Furthermore, the mobs in the coal layer are no longer baby zombies but regular zombies. This change affects all profiles.

Finally, of course, we wish you a lot of fun exploring the event mines and hope you enjoy them. A big thanks go to sxrhat for the technical implementation and Vortrag for the conception of the update. Also thanks to our build team for the beautiful event mines and to Maariuus for the terrific design.
Your GommeHD.net Team