Lobby Navigator UPDATE + Discontinuation of OITC

Heyho everyone,

today we are happy to present to you our new personalized lobby navigator, which will adjust itself based on your favorite game modes. Unfortunately, we are also announcing the discontinuation of OneInTheChamber (OITC).

Personalized Lobby Navigator

The old navigator has gotten old, which is why we have the brand-new lobby navigator for you. The new navigator is generally based on your interests and favorite modes, ordered by your activity. The new collapse function allows you to customize your navigator to make it more clean and compact. Your personalized navigator will update itself regularly in order to adapt to your activity.
Additionally the game modes FFA Hardcore and FFA Classic now have a shared navigator slot, which will be represented by an icon alternating between the Fishing Rod and Diamond Chestplate.

Discontinuation of OneInTheChamber (OITC)

Unfortunately we have to inform you that the game mode OITC is being discontinued. Due to the low player numbers in OITC compared to its high maintenance costs, we have decided that it is best to discontinue OITC.
However, you will still be able to play OITC: it will remain available as a game mode on private servers.

Finally we would like to wish you lots of fun while exploring the new navigator. A huge thanks to Vortrag for conceptualizing the update, Summerfeeling for the technical implementation, the QA team for their thorough testing, the i18n team for their translations as well as Maariuus for the wonderful design.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team