Level System For Each Game Mode

Written by DanNick

Hey-ya Minecrafter,

The active players in SkyWars, SpeedUHC and Duels will already know it, now we are bringing it to every other game mode: The level system!

» What is the level system?

With the level system, you can show your fellow players how much you have already played in a mode and how successful you have been.

You will receive experience points for various achievements. These successes can be, for example, kills or achievements. Even the little things in life can get you ahead!

» How do I advance to another level?

After reaching a certain number of experience points, you will advance to the next level.

The higher your level, the more levels you have to collect for the next level.

With /level <name> (/lvl for short) you can see the current level of yourself or another player. In the waiting lobby, it is also displayed before each chat message from the player:

» So it's all about numbers? Don't know much about algebra

No! With the tiers you can easily see the skills of your fellow players! Depending on your level, you will be assigned to one of seven tiers:

Bronze Level 0 - 20
Cropper Level 21 - 40
Silver Level 41 - 60
Gold Level 61 - 80
Emerald Level 81 - 100
Diamond Level 101 - 120
Amethyst Starting from level 121

You can also see the tiers of other players at a glance by the color of their level in chat messages.

We are looking forward to your feedback in the forums! We hope you enjoy our levelling system (and that you know more about algebra now)

Your GommeHD.net team


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