Kit1vs1 Update

Heyho everyone,

after a long time we happily present to you a new update for our game mode Kit1vs1. We have reworked individual kits, expanded the stats at the end of a match and introduced a new kit, the seasonal kit, which changes every season.

Seasonal Kits

To provide more variety to the game and make each season a little more unique, there's another kit besides the standard kits SG, UHC, OnlySword and Sword and this kit will be replaced by a new one each season. Just like with other kits, you can enter skill groups and receive rewards based on your skill group.

First Seasonal Kit: Sniper

This kit will mark the beginning of our seasonal kits, as you guys have suggested this kit several times in the times and it allows a unique gameplay experience next to our current kits. The central aspect of the Sniper kit is long range combat with a bow and arrow.


  • Bow with the enchantments Punch I and Infinity
  • Arrow
  • 3 Golden Apples
  • 8 Baked Potatoes
  • 16 Birch Leaves
  • Leather armor (Leather Tunic with the enchantment Projectile Protection IV)

Kit Adjustments

Based on your feedback, we have implemented the following changes on a few kits:


  • Lowered number of Arrows from 5 to 3.
  • Lowered durability of Flint and Steel from 4 to 2 uses.


  • Lowered number of Arrows from 32 to 16.


  • The Stone Sword has been replaced by an Iron Sword with the enchantment Sharpness I.

Expanded Match Stats

At the end of a match, you now have the option to view the statistics of your opponent.

Additionally we have added the stat "Remaining items", allowing you to directly see how many Arrows, Golden Apples or even Soups your opponent had by the end.
If you win a match, you can also see the amount of hearts you had left when you won the match. And finally, instead of only seeing a percentage of critical hits and successful hits/shots, you can see the exact number.

Winner Determined by Total Damage When the Timer Runs Out

We have decided to part ways with the system of determining a winner based on how close players stand to a spawned beacon and will now crown the person who has dealt the most damage as the winner when the timer runs out. We hope that this will lead to fairer outcomes and actually give the win to the player who dominated the match.

We wish you lots of fun as well as successful matches and rankings. Finally we would like to thank @t0mse for the flawless technical implementation, @Abgxmeldet for the design and all of you for your feedback and suggestions which have contributed to this update!

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team