Hide'n'Seek UPDATE

Written by einJqn

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

It is with great pleasure that we can finally present you a brand new update for our game mode Hide'n'Seek after a long time. In addition to a new kit, new maps and the expansion through achievements, much more awaits you!



With the new Seeker kit Sonar you get orange and turquoise leather gear, a stone sword, an infinity bow with an arrow and the brand new Sonar device. Once a Hider uses a tease or sound within a 15 block radius of the Seeker, the Sonar Kit will guide the Seeker to the Hider. If the Seeker tracks a player through the kit, the Seeker gets the Speed 1 effect for 10 seconds to still be able to run away decently. So now all hiders have to be extra careful if they really want to use a sound or a tease.

SEEKER ADJUSTMENT (Overview of remaining hider)

Currently, all Seekers always had to run back to the base to see the overview of the remaining Hiders. This has changed after today's update: All Seekers now get a chest in their inventory. After clicking on it, a GUI will open showing the remaining Hiders and what they are hidden as. This should make the gameplay much more pleasant for the Seekers.

HIDER ADJUSTMENTS (Teases, sounds & random block selection)

The Hider now has two brand new sounds to earn points and coins within the round. Make the sounds of a sheep or a guard to scare the Seekers!

Besides the two new sounds, there were also general changes to them. This is because you can now get more points and coins for using all the teases and sounds. It is now measured by how far the Seeker is from the hiding place. So if you live the risk and trigger a sting right next to a Seeker, you will of course get an appropriate reward. 

Because sometimes you made a rather bad decision in the topic of block selection, and therefore did not find a suitable hiding place, the hiders have from now on the possibility to change their block selection limited during the round. If a hider interacts with the brand new "Random Block Selection" item in the hotbar, it will turn into a random unlocked block for that map. Thus, only all hiders will have the opportunity to find a new and better hiding place after a successful chase!


Our current second-wind system was in need of quite a bit of improvement. Therefore, we have made the following adjustments:

  • When a Hider is converted into a Seeker by the Second Wind system, the Seek time will be extended by a full minute in the future. The goal of this change is to compensate for the converted player in particular, so that he also has similar chances of winning as if he were still playing on the Hider team. 
    Despite the additional seek time, the converted player does not have exactly the same temporal possibilities as an original seeker. However, this disadvantage is compensated for by the fact that the converted player was already able to gather information about the hiding places of the other Hiders in his own Hiding Phase and can now use this information to his own advantage as a Seeker.
  • When a hider is converted into a seeker by the second-wind system, a lightning bolt will strike at the place where the hider was located before its conversion. This illustration should be a warning for other hiders that a hider has been converted into a seeker in their vicinity and that they should reposition themselves if necessary. The transformed Hider, which is now a Seeker, could have seen the hiding places of the other Hiders during its hiding time.
  • The Seeker who has uncovered and eliminated the most Hiders in a round shall (in any case) receive a victory and no defeat.
    This should also apply to players who started as a Hider and became a Seeker (either by eliminating a Seeker or through the Second Wind system).
  • After a Hider is revealed and eliminated by a Seeker in a turn, the Second-Wind System will no longer be used if the revealed Hider subsequently leaves the turn as a Seeker.



You could already submit Achievements in the forum, now a total of over 30 Achievements will be added! In addition to the standard Achievements, you can of course also expect puzzles and long-term Achievements. For each completed Achievement you will of course also receive points! All further information about the Achievements can be found in the Changelog.


We are happy to welcome the maps "Factory" and "Terminal" to the Mappool.



by GommeHD.net-Buildteam (DerAutist, Tim_Stefan_Maria & Tipsoi) (Edit: Fxntom)


by Aries Buildings (Fxntom, Laugenbrezel & Tim_Stefan_Maria)

However, this is only the beginning of the ongoing map weeks! Every two weeks, two new maps await you in the Hide'n'Seek Mappool. Which ones will remain a surprise until the release!


We have made many more adjustments with this update, but they would go far beyond the scope of this news text. For further and more detailed information about this update please have a look at the Hide'n'Seek Changelog.


Finally, we hope you enjoy the new update and the brand new game content. For feedback, ideas and suggestions, please visit our forum.

With best regards
Your GommeHD.net Team



Development uScoutz
Game Design Fxntom
Public Relations Zunano
Quality Assurance Dreeaming