Halloween EVENT 2023

Written by einJqn

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

It is with great pleasure that we present you this year's Halloween event! You can expect a spooky Gommunity and Lobby, our event game mode DeadByDaylight, a pumpkin head search in the Gommunity and an internal search event in CityBuild with a special reward!


Adjustments to the Lobby and Gommunity

From now on, our lobbies and our Gommunity have been decorated in the appropriate style and provided with many pumpkins and scary ghosts. The already well-known Halloween event chest in the coin system awaits you in the lobby! This has been equipped with lots of new content and can be purchased at a price of 20,000 coins. In this you have the increased probability of receiving exclusive cosmetics such as sprays or trails.

Event gamemode: DeadByDaylight

The ever-popular event game mode DeadByDaylight, which has already provided a lot of fun in recent years, awaits you again this year within the event period. Repair generators, escape from the killer and get blood points!
To create a special incentive for you, players in the monthly Top10 will receive prizes in the form of Halloween event chests at the end of the event.

Placement Reward
1 200 Halloween event chests
2 150 Halloween event chests
3 100 Halloween event chests
4 75 Halloween event chests
5 50 Halloween event chests
6 50 Halloween event chests
7 50 Halloween event chests
8 35 Halloween event chests
9 35 Halloween event chests
10 35 Halloween event chests

Pumpkin head search in gommunity

In the decorated Gommunity mentioned above, there are also many hidden pumpkin heads with delicious sweets waiting for you. Search and find pumpkin heads to get rewards. Once you find all the heads, an exclusive Cosmetic awaits you! So it's worth it!

CityBuild Event 

You can also look forward to a spooky event in CityBuild! In addition to a head hunt in the redecorated CityBuild lobby with an exclusive collection item, a shady dealer awaits you. He can sell you the exclusive Halloween axe in exchange for $75,000, one blood and 2 echo shards.

Likewise, a strange figure, which should already be known from last year, has been spotted in the farm worlds! So pay special attention to your surroundings when collecting resources.


Finally, we wish you a lot of fun and hope you enjoy this year's event.

Spooky greetings
Your GommeHD.net-Team


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