Halloween Event 2022

Heyho Minecraft friends!

with spooky joy, we present you today our Halloween event for this year. The event starts today, but it also has more news for you in the next few days that reflect the gloomy season.

Lobby and Gommunity adjustments

As of today, the lobby and Gommunity are decorated and spooky for the event!

MoneyMaker Event Mine

Starting on 20/10, you can expect an event mine in MoneyMaker that has been decorated to match the Halloween event! In your event profile, which you can reach through your profile overview, you will now find the Bone Mine and the Blood Mine, each with 30 mine jobs. You will start in the Bone Mine, but if you have saved up a certain amount of money, you can unlock the Blood Mine to advance further in your event profile. 
Likewise, a creepy figure awaits you in the farming cave, who makes you an interesting offer: Collect sweets by killing witches in the coal level and exchange them for boosters at the mysterious figure! But you should also pay attention to the ceiling in the farming cave! Because there you can find some spiders, which you can kill to get a small amount!
In the event profile, you can enter the coal level from 5,000 mined blocks.
Finally, you can expect exclusive rewards in the form of boosters and an event award! In the first place, there will be an exclusive Legendary Worker, which does not yet exist in the game in its current form. You can enter the event mine until 10.11.

Further Adjustments

In addition to the release of the event mine, you can expect some balancing changes. The spawn rate of the mobs in the coal level has been reduced. Also, you will now receive more money by mining coal ore in the coal level or by finding a gift in your mine. 

Event Game Mode: DeadByDaylight

DeadByDaylight will be available to you for two weeks starting on 24/10. The event mode, which was released two years ago, was still very popular last year! That's why we've taken a closer look at the mode and fixed any problems that came up. You can also expect adapted, adopted, and brand-new survivors and killers with unique abilities. All further adjustments and more detailed information about the adjustments mentioned here can be found in the changelog. We also encourage you to read the game manual in the forum.

CityBuild Pumpkin Head Search + Event Custom Item

On 27/10 there is an event in CityBuild! Go on the search and find all the heads in the pumpkin head search. If you find all the pumpkins, you will receive a collectible item and can buy a custom axe with the special enchantment "Beheading" from an NPC in the lobby. "Beheading" gives you the ability to get to the heads of mobs from the mob collection faster! But beware: The axe is only available once per player, so it should be well-considered whether you let this chance slip away!
Likewise, there is now also an event store in the mall, where you can buy Halloween-themed stuff. The event will be removed again on 03/11

Finally, we wish you of course a lot of fun with this year's Halloween event and hope that you can enjoy the spooky days too! A big thanks go to Nico_ND1sxrhat, and FancyPlay for the technical implementation and to nownoVortrag, and KissenschlachtLP for the conception of the update. Also thanks to our build team for redesigning the maps and to multiduude and Stragee for the design!

With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net Team