GUNGAME | Machine & Level Update

Heyho everyone,

big cannons, even bigger cannons, a brand-new leveling system, and even more await you in our newest version of GunGame!
Our development team worked around the clock to make this extraordinary update possible. The following post will present to you all important changes in this new GunGame update:


On some maps, you can now find turrets, which can be used by anyone. By right-clicking them, you may mount them and shoot at players within a range of 30 blocks. Sounds fun? It is! Of course, turrets will run out of ammunition after a while and will need time to reload.

Kills using turrets are counted as normal kills and you will receive equipment upgrades depending on your achieved level.

Orbital cannon

It gets even better! You are annoyed by the huge clan camping on an island but you have no chance to fight them on your own? That's about to change! You can obliterate them using the new orbital cannon! Every 10 minutes some maps will offer you the chance to disable the orbital cannon and control it yourself. Your opponents won't see it coming before it's already too late. Orbital cannons can be activated using buttons and are usually easily identifiable.

To test the orbital cannons, we have only added them to the new maps StarWars and Intrello, until we have gathered enough feedback.

Leveling system

This next update is for the real GunGame veterans: From now on, players can level-up their all-time GunGame level. This level is not to be confused with the round-based leveling, offering you new equipment. Instead, this leveling system is permanent and allows pro gamers to flex their level to newer players.



Public teams

Last but not least, team leaders can now use the command "/team public" to make their team public. Public teams can be joined by any player using the command "/team join [IGN of the team leader]".
To revert your team to private, use "/team private". To view a list of all public teams, use "/team list".

Finally, we would like to thank kybuu and _unravel_ for the technical development and IntroloHD for the concept of this great update!

It's time to get out the big guns!
Your GommeHD.net server team