Gommunity 1.20 Update

Written by DanNick

Hey-ya Minecrafters,

one after another, more and more game modes on the network make the huge step into Minecraft version 1.20. Of course, our popular Gommunity can't be missed out here. That's why it is now also receiving an upgrade to this version. We've also added a lot of new features, including a brand new Arcade mode and the legendary Dropper.

New Map

The gommunity campers among you have surely noticed the big construction site in the gommunity in the last few days. As many have already guessed, we have given the entire map a new, modern look! We hope you enjoy exploring the brand new map with its several secrets.

Arcade Mode: React Faster

Did you know that regular gaming can significantly improve your reaction time in other life situations as well? The new arcade game "React Faster" is the perfect training for it:

Here you and your opponent will get an item displayed in the hotbar. Then, you have to find this item in the upper inventory and click on it. Whoever is the fastest to find the item gets a point and the next round starts. First one to reach 15 points wins the game.

If you lose several rounds in a row, you will receive bonus points.

All details about the new game can be found in our game guide* in the forum.

More arcade updates:

  • With a right click you can challenge opponents in the arcade area.
  • Memory items have been expanded by the new items since 1.9.
  • After five minutes of inactivity in the arcade area, you will be teleported to the spawn.


Jump 'n' Run

Our Jump 'n' Run system has received a whole bunch of new features. We will only show you the most important ones here. You can read about all the changes in the changelog*. All commands can also be seen ingame with the command /jnr.

We proudly present our new Jump 'n' Run variant Dropper: Right from the spawn, on the other side of the Jump 'n' Run NPC, you will find the NPC for Dropper. Here you have to jump from top to bottom in a cylindrical map and avoid various obstacles. If you reach the pressure plate without taking any damage, you've completed the map.

Also, now you don't have to fight through the jump 'n' runs alone. You can challenge your teammates to a duel either with the command /challenge <name> or by sneaking and right-clicking on the player. Of course, this also works for droppers.


If your fingers need a break, you can pause your Jump 'n' Run with /jnr pause and walk around the community. When you enter it again, you will be at the same point as when you paused. Your time and failures will also be recorded. Nice touch, too: as soon as you leave the Gommunity from a Jump 'n' Run or lose your internet connection, it will be paused automatically!

The Supremium rank allows you to exclusively favorite your preferred jump 'n' runs and dropper maps by right-clicking on them. These favorites will be listed in their own tab in the respective menu.

King Of The Ladder

From now on, the sportive slugfest will take place on a separate game server, which you will be sent to when you enter king of the ladder. This means that you will also have a separate chat there.

Despite the 1.20 upgrade, we still rely on the old combat system without cooldown.

Also, when you die, you will instantly spawn at the King of the Ladder spawn and the death screen will be skipped like in BedWars.

Minor changes

The time of day in the Gommunity now adjusts to the time in real life, based on the position of the sun in Berlin, Germany. So, you can have a cup of Delta Tea and enjoy the sunset in real time in the evening after a hard day in the Gommunity.
If you want to fix your own daytime for the future, you can do so with /daytime <day/night/time>. This command is available to all players with the Premium rank and above. If you want to enter a specific time, you will have to specify it in ticks. See the Minecraft Wiki for more details on the conversion between ticks and the virtual time.

Do you know the situation? You hear a song from the stage, the melody sounds familiar but you just can't figure out what it's called again? That's over now! With /song you can display the current song in the actionbar. By the way, we have also added a few new songs.

We hope you like the many changes and new features. Have fun testing them out! Of course we are always happy about compliments and constructive feedback in the forum :)

Let the credits drop down
Your GommeHD.net Team


*This link may only be available in German. We recommend using the external tool DeepL to translate it


Developer Kaooot
Builder BitConi
Builder DerAutist
Builder domme0hd
Builder eyMarcel
Builder freudelos
Builder Tim_Stefan_Maria
Builder valentinsan
Builder zTohru
Game Designer Vortrag
Graphic Designer TestoTeddy
Quality Assurance Dreeaming
Quality Assurance madman1000
Quality Assurance sinischneeflocke