Gommunity | New mini-games

Heyho everyone,

today we are happy to introduce two new mini-games to the Gommunity. You can expect the classic card game - "UNU" and the legendary "Scattergories".
Grab a teammate and get ready for the next match!


Most of you should be familiar with this game with colored numbers. You can find the exact rules of the game in the attached instructions.
As for the often highly debated rules, we took our inspiration from the original rules of the game. What is possible and what is not, you have to try out.


With Scattergories we introduce a game type that requires a trustworthy opponent, because it is based on honesty.
By default, 7 topics can be selected for a game. For players with Premium, there are 8 topics to choose from, and for Supremium players, there are the full 9 topics.
Furthermore, the time can be set individually. Here you can choose from one minute, two minutes or unlimited time.

Rematch feature

If you feel like having a rematch after a heated game, you can now easily request it in the chat.

All you have to do is confirm the button in the chat and you will be sent to the next round with the same game partner.

Finally, we would like to thank sxrhat for the great development of the new mini-games and neootrix for the great designs!
We wish you a lot of fun testing the new mini-games. Don't be angry if you lose!

Best regards
Your GommeHD.net server team