EnderGames Biomes Update

Heyaaa Minecraftfriends,
today we'd like to present you a brand new EnderGames update!
In this update, we have taken up the frequently made suggestion to expand the generated worlds with new unique biomes. In combination with the many different kits, this will expand the game experience with even more tactics and strategic moves. In addition to the expansion of the biomes, the update also includes other adjustments, which we would like to briefly explain to you below:

New Biomes

The biomes were adjusted as follows:

New biomes:
Cold Taiga
Ice Plains
Ice Plains Spikes
Extreme Hills
Mega Taiga
Jungle Edge
Roofed Forest
Mesa Plateau F
Mushroom Island

Biomes that continue to exist::

Removed biomes:
Jungle Hills
Extreme Hills Edge

Changes to the World Generator

The join signs in the main lobby used to show the biome that is located directly below the spawn platform on the map. In the past, this often led to confusion, because the biome displayed was sometimes only a few chunks in size and the rest of the map was generated with a different (sometimes completely opposite) biome.
This problem should be solved with the changes made in this update. The world generator has been adjusted so that the biome displayed on the join signs now appears on the map with a much higher probability and with a larger area. As a result, the information on the join signs should now be more reliable and the tactical selection of a kit for an appropriate biome should be rewarded more.

The "main biome", which is displayed on the join signs, will also be surrounded by thematically matching biomes in the future. This possibility was created by so-called biome categories. These determine which "secondary biomes" may border the "main biome". By preselecting biomes, the playability of biomes that are unfavorable in terms of resources, such as the ice plains spikes, is also ensured. 
We hope you like the changes and have fun trying them out! Any feedback on the new biomes is very welcome!
Finally, we would like to thank Laubfrosch7 and Nico_ND1 for implementing this update! Another thanks goes to multiduude, who designed the image for the news text. 
With kind regards
Your GommeHD.net Team