CWBW Update

Heyho everyone,

we are excited to present a new update for the game mode CWBW to you today. The update includes minor adjustments for our entire ClanWar genre as well as new content for CWBW. Look forward to the Anvil and various balance changes.

In General

In all of our ClanWar modes, we made small adjustments to ensure a certain degree of comfort. First of all, we deactivated the chat in ClanWars, so you can only communicate with each other in your own team chat. You can also see the potential elo gain or loss at the beginning of the ClanWar. The clan moderator gets another important function, being able to accept and decline clan invitations from now on. The playtime required to enter the queue has been increased from 25 hours to 40 hours. Finally, we added the command "/matchpage", which allows you to access the ClanWar match page with a single click.


With a price of eight iron, you can now buy the anvil to defeat the opponent base below you. After placing the anvil in the air, it falls down and destroys the first three block layers with which it collides in a 3 * 3 radius. It is destroyed as soon as it destroyed the three-block layers. Through this, many new tactics can arise, which make the game more varied.

Arrow Limit

The already known bow limit was removed with this update and replaced by an arrow limit. The arrow limit is similar to the bow limit. This means, that there can only be two arrows per team. As soon as a team has two arrows, the team cannot buy any more. 

Further Adjustments

To balance out the items, we have made some changes with regard to their prices. This affects for example the chest or the Potion of Invisibility. The details of these changes can be read in the changelog. The items "Spy" and "C4" depart from the game mode and minor errors were fixed.
Finally, we wish you lots of fun while playing as well as a pleasant gaming atmosphere. A huge thanks to Vortrag for conceptualizing the update, kybuu and TrainmasterHD for the technical implementation, the i18n for the translations, the QS team for testing the update, and Neootrix for the amazing design.
With best regards
Your GommeHD.net team