CityBuild Nether Reactors

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Written by GommeHD.net Staff Team

Heyho everyone,

the Nether Reactor, well-known among Minecraft veterans, is making a comeback to CityBuild! Two different versions of this reactor will appear in the Nether from now on, the Nether Reactor and the Mega Reactor. Also, a new mob will be added to the Mob Collection, the Zoglin. Choose your adventurer job now, start looking for reactors and earn money faster than ever before! 

What are Nether Reactors?

Nether Reactors are rare structures that are difficult to find in the Nether. The Nether Reactor spawns a new mob, which has not been unlockable so far. The much rarer Mega Reactor contains many more mob spawners with a variety of different creatures!

We hope you like this new minor feature. We would like to thank @Odrisun for planning the update and @Leoooon for the technical implementation!

Best regards,
Your GommeHD.net Team